In its mandate IFFAAD intends to:

  • Play a pro-active and essential role in providing guidance to public opinion in matters of aviation and it's impact on development and growth.

  • Establish a discussion platform on issues of a political, juridical, economic, technical and operational nature.

  • Identify the problems and challenges that affect aviation industry and assist in finding solutions. To that effect it will identify those sectors where the development of aviation can enhance sustained economic growth.

  • Promote debate and discussion on a global level and through forums, conferences, symposiums and workshops, bring about recommendations which can be referred to appropriate decision makers.

  • Undertake when necessary, the collection of pertinent information and act, as depository for the benefit of researchers, students and others in the field.

  • Strive to become a center of excellence for exchange of ideas between organizations and individuals.

  • Stimulate and encourage the development of new talent by making higher education in aviation more accessible.

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