About Us

Founded as a non-profit organization in 2005, IFFAAD is incorporated and has its seat in Montreal, host city of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Montreal has also been the world capital of aviation for more than fifty years. The initiative for the Foundation originated from Dr. Sanat Kaul, the then Representative of India to the Council of ICAO who became the first Chairman and is currently heading the India Chapter in New Delhi. IFFAAD is proud to have Dr. Assad Kotaite former President of the ICAO Council as its Governor Emeritus and Dr. Charles Bédard a former permanent representative of Canada to ICAO as its co-founder and present Chairman.

IFFAAD is set out to be an important focal point (independent think-tank) for the exchange of ideas and promotion of public interest in aviation and development worldwide. In particular it wishes to encourage cooperation between various interested sectors, such as tourism, industry, commerce and social development and to foster a constructive dialogue amongst policy makers (governments, industries, international organizations, et al.) universities, professionals, students and individuals.


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