NLU, IASL, IFFAAD Workshop Cum Conference (Delhi, India)

A Memorandum of Agreement has been signed between the above three parties on 5th May, 2011 to hold in Delhi the following two functions relating to Air & Space Law: -
1. Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th December, 2011 - Workshop
2. Monday 5th – Tuesday 6th December, 2011 - International Conference.
IASL will bring in about 7-8 academics both for the Workshop and Conference and NLU will provide a number of students and invite academics from Indian Universities. IFFAAD will invite Govt. and Commercial Aviation Sector. Further speakers and students from abroad and speakers from International Law Firms and ICAO are also expected. This unique combination will be highly beneficial for the Aviation Sector. The Conference will also provide many occasions for interaction between the academics, industries and Govt.
This is for early information. Details of the programme will be put up in due course.



Dear Concerned person

I am a final year law student. I wanted to be a part of this conference and workshop. Please let me know the procedure to apply for it and other details related to it.

Shreya Maheshwari

Wi-Fi flights test 'absurd' rule (Montreal Gazette, 21 dec. 2012

It is an absurd rule in as far as wi-fi access is very useful to travelling business men. On the other hand, Wi-fi gives access to Skype, yahoo messenger etc... which allows people to make computer calls and talk to relatives and friends. This could disturb people who are trying to sleep, work or read and should be taken into consideration.


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