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Dr. Ruwantissa Abeyratne

Mr. John V. Augustin

Ms. Jimena Blumenkron

Mr. Adrian Cioranu

Mr. Moscou (Syd) Côté

Dr. Pierre Coutu

Mr. Alan D’Souza

Me. Aurthur Eberg

Mr. Mohamed Elamiri

Mr. Rod Heitmeyer

Mr. Peter Janssen

Mr. Manfred Krull

Mr. Vivek Pattanayak

Mme. Ghislaine Richard

Mr. Vijay Singh

Me. Mathieu Vaugeois

Dr. Ludwig Weber

1. The Vice Chairman Mr. Peter Janssen welcomed the Members. A special Welcome was made to Mr. Vivek Pattanayak, Ms. Jimena Blumenkron, Aviation Safety Officer at ICAO & guest Mr. John V. Augustin, Acting Director of the ICAO Legal and External Relations Bureau.

2. A moment of silence was held in the honour and memory of the late Chairman Dr. Charles Bédard.

3. Following the vacancy owing to the demise of Dr. Charles Bédard as Chairman of IFFAAD – Canada Chapter, Mr. Alan D’Souza made a motion nominating Mme. Ghislaine Richard as the new Chairperson of IFFAAD, Canada Chapter. Her nomination and acceptance was unanimous by the Members.

Chairperson Mme. Ghislaine Richard thanked the Members for the confidence and esteem held by all and made a commitment to take the Foundation to higher levels.

4. Presentation of the Life Membership was made by the newly elected Chairperson Mme. Ghislaine Richard to Ms. Jimena Blumenkron, welcoming her to the Foundation and inviting her to full participation with her expertise and knowledge.

5. Me. Mathieu Vaugeois- Chairman of the Sub-Committee mentioned the outcome of the three meetings held in 2012 by the Sub Committee on passenger’s rights. Possible projects that could be achieved by IFFAAD in this area were discussed. One of these ideas, was to collaborate with other groups involved in the protection of passengers in order for IFFAAD to become a recognized entity in the field of consumer protection. A recent judgement of the Canadian Transportation Agency in favor of Mr. Gabor Lukacs was also mentioned.

6. Mr. Pierre Coutu initiated a discussion as to who should become a members of IFFAAD. Mr. Vivek Pattanayak followed with a suggestion that IFFAAD could act as a think-thank, composed of professionals in the field of aviation and stated that he was in the process of actively assisting in opening other Chapters of IFFAAD around the world. He reported that he was in communication with people from different countries (inter alia Brazil, France, Sri Lanka, Slovakia and Czech Republic) who have shown interest in opening IFFAAD Chapters in their respective regions.

Mme. Ghislaine Richard mentioned that IFFAAD is an organization of people sharing the same interest about aviation. She also spoke on the frequency for future IFFAAD meetings, also recommending that such meetings could take place after major ICAO & McGill events where a short briefing could be made by a member or a speaker that attended the event.

Dr. Ruwantissa Abeyratne mentioned the creation of a new Diploma in Integrated Aviation Management at McGill School of Continuing Study. He suggested that some Members could be interested in becoming guest lecturers for that program in order to share their experience about aviation.

Mr. Mohamed Elamiri suggested as well that IFFAAD could develop links with local universities, without omitting the French universities. Also, Mr. Elamiri suggested that IFFADD’s next guest speaker could be the new President of ICAO Council, soon to be elected after the 2013 Triennial Assembly.

7. Mr. Vivek Pattanayak made a brief presentation of his paper “Rising Middle Class and Impact it will have on the Global Society” – copy attached.

8. Mr. Adrian Cioranu was congratulated by all, on his becoming a new “DAD”.

9. Date and place of next Meeting to be advised.

10. After a good meal and comradeship, the Meeting adjourned at 14:00 hrs.


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