Luncheon - Marriott Montreal Chateau Champlain

You are cordially invited to attend a luncheon

our guest speaker

Dr. Assad Kotaite

President Emeritus of the ICAO Council and Governor Emeritus of IFFAAD

will deliver a speech on :

" The role of ICAO in the resolution of disputes between member states in the field of civil aviation "

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 12 NOON doors open at 11.30

Meeting Minutes September 15 2007

Dr Asaad kotaite welcomed the members to the meeting and requested Dr Sanat Kaul to
take over the proceedings.
Dr Kaul stated that he has opened a chapter of IFFAD in Delhi and already has had one major Conference
on 31st August 2007 at the Oberoi Hotel on Air Crash-Compensation to Victims. He stated that it was
well attended and crash survivors and next of of deceased attended. Details would be put up on the web
site of IFFAD.A short film was also shown of the Conference.

Meeting Minutes July 5 2007

At the suggestion of Dr Assad Kotaite an informal meeting was convened of
IFFAAD to review the present status of the Foundation, and its activities etc.
The initiative was taken by Mr. Vivek Pattanayak and Mr. Dobrica Savic to
reach as many members as possible including Mr. Philippe Grandmont, who
acted as the Secretary at the time of creation of the Foundation.Mr Bedard,
Mr Elamiri, Dr Froeschl, Mr Savic, Mr Heitemeir, and Mr. Grandmont could
not make it possible to attend this due to their prior engagements and due to
short notice.

Meeting Minutes May 27 2008

The following subjects were discussed and election of a new Board Member
was held.
Chairman Bedard advised the Members that the wine accompanying the
meal, was courtesy of IFFAAD/FIPEAD
Mr. Ram Jahku was nominated as a new Member of the Board of Directors.
Approval was unanimous.
Proof copy of a proposed new IFAAD/FIPEAD promotional brochure
scheduled for printing, was discussed at length, where general
recommendations and changes were made and approved.
There were several suggestions made regarding topics that were to

Meeting Minutes September 23 2005

The Chairman initiated the meet i n g s t at i n g t h at IFFAAD h a s
now become fully functional with i ts o wn website and there is
perhaps a need for an ‘’Event’ to i ntroduce it into the public
domain as a ‘‘think tank’’.
It was further stated that while we co uld plan an event, i t
should be properly managed an d prepared so that the first
function o f IFFAAD makes an impact . Af ter di s cus sions , it was
felt th at i t wo uld be p refer able to h ave the f i r st event af ter t h e
p ro po s ed DGCA Co n feren c e tha t ICAO i s c a ll i n g arou n d