The Unlawful Interference Compensation Convention of 2009 and Principles of State Responsibility by Ruwantissa Abeyratne

The Convention on Compensation for Damage to Third Parties Resulting
from Acts of Unlawful Interference Involving Aircraft (Unlawful interference
Compensation Convention) is one of two treaties adopted by ICAO member
States in April 2009. This treaty, which is based on strict liability, brings to
bear several issues, such as the liability of senior management of an airline,
liability for mental injury caused by "recognizable" psychiatric illness,
compensation for damage caused in any State Party, whether or not the operator

Meeting Minutes July 27 2005

Initiating the discussion, the Chairman thanked
Dr.Assad Kotaite for agreeing to meet with the members of the
Foundation. He expressed that in the meeting held on July 19,
2005 with limited number of persons, some topics which could
be taken up by IFAD for studies were discussed and further
elaborated. A copy of these decisions so taken were circulated
to all present as part of the agenda for the meeting.
It was pointed out that IFAD could consider taking up some of
these issues to start with so as to provide a critical thinking on

Meeting Minutes July 19 2005

The following decisions were taken :
1. There is a need to properly promote the Mission Statement and
Objectives of IFAD. It was felt that IFAD should concentrate on
issues of co-operation and matters of concern by stake holders.
Dr. Viajy Singh was requested to draft the Mission Statement as
well as the Objectives.
2. Thereafter the issues discussed were relating to topics that
IFAD should research on, come out with scientific findings and
thereafter discuss it at the general meeting of IFAD and then
take up the matter with the concerned people, ICAO stake

Meeting Minutes June 27 2005

Dr. Assad Kotaite also graced the Meeting with his supportive remarks for
the creation and establishment of the Organization.
At the outset, it was stated by the Chairman that all formal/legal requirements
of setting up of the International Foundation for Aviation and Development
(IFAD) have been completed and we should go ahead and enrol new members.
Views of all those attending were sought. The main observations were as
follows :
1. The idea of setting up of IFAD in Montreal was welcomed by all.